5 Types of Recruitment Emails

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Recruiters these days use various sourcing tools such as social media, employee referral programs and recruitment sites like Jobstreet Malaysia to hire ideal candidates.  However, that’s only the first step.

To get a candidate interested in your offer, you must have excellent communication skills. One of the most basic communication skills a recruiter must have is the ability to write an appealing recruiting email.

Here are the five types of email every recruiter must master:

Reach passive candidates with cold emails

It requires plenty of strategy and tactics to pursue a passive candidate. To reach these types of candidates, you must send emails directly to their private inbox, or it will get them in trouble if they are currently employed. Make sure to do a lot of research about their background, and offer an attractive deal to them. If they are not interested, leave your details for future communication.

jobstreet malaysia

Welcome and interview process email

These types of email are crucial as it’s most likely you’ll send them the most. These emails provide information about the company, the interviewing process, and gets candidates psyched up. It is essential to prepare these emails in a way that make candidates comfortable and have a better candidate experience.

Status email to hiring managers

For a smooth interview process, you need to have a great understanding with the hiring manager. They want to know what is happening around the office, so be sure to give regular updates on the hiring process. It is also crucial to give your feedback on the candidates’ performance to the hiring manager on the pre-screen.

New hire announcements

When a recruit joins the company, emailing the announcement is a great way to welcome the new employee. It introduces the recruit to all company members and vice versa. The announcement email can be as simple as introducing the new member in a particular department and asking to provide necessary assistance from the rest of the people in the company.

Rejection letters

Nobody likes rejecting people, but it’s a necessary skill for a recruiter. A well-written rejection letter will leave candidates with a feeling of respect and a sense of enthusiasm for your company. Be sure to thank them for their time. You can even give them the chance to ask any question that might have.


As a recruiter, your emails play an essential role in the hiring process. It affects the reputation of your company and the overall flow in the organisation.

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