Best Netflix Shows To Watch in July 2019

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Do you love watching TV shows? Have a broadband plan at your home? Then there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t subscribe to Netflix.

Netflix is an online streaming platform that allows users to watch the latest dramas, animations and documentaries. Besides the latest shows, Netflix also offers an impressive library of nostalgia-filled movies from the past. With its collection, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that we no longer need cable TV.

Not sure what shows to watch on Netflix? Check out this list of shows that you should start watching this July:

Stranger Things

This American science fiction horror is a Netflix original that has earned 31 Emmy awards for its brilliance. Stranger Things follows a group of high school kids as they discover mysterious activities inside a National Laboratory in their hometown.

This show has won multiple awards for its first two seasons, and the third season was finally released this month. If you haven’t started watching this show, you should.

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Money Heist

Also known as its original Spanish title La Casa De Papel, Money Heist is a thrilling show about the biggest heist in recorded history. The story follows a criminal mastermind with his peculiar heisters as they plan to pull everything off while the police try to get ahead of them. If you love a good mouse and cat chase, you’ll love intense action drama as both parties try to outwit each other in this heist.

The third season of this television series was also released in July. Can’t understand Spanish? Don’t worry as Netflix offers English subtitles and dubs.

Black Mirror

As one of Netflix’s all-time favourite shows, Black Mirror is a show that nobody should miss. The series explores the possibility of a futuristic dystopia and how society reacts to the consequences of new innovation and technologies.

Season five was released in June, and although there are only three episodes, audiences can expect the usual dark depictions of modern society.

Queer Eye

More of a fan of reality TV shows? Then Queer Eye is the show for you. This reality series is the reboot of the original franchise in 2003 and features lifestyle makeovers given by experts known collectively as the Fab Five.

The fourth season was released in July, which makes it a good reason to start watching. Perhaps you’ll even learn a tip or two on how to make better decisions in life.


If you’re not subscribed to Netflix yet, then you’re missing out some great TV shows that are only available on Netflix. These shows are entertaining, and subscription to Netflix is way cheaper than normal cable TV.

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