Never Gamble On Your Hiring

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When you bet $ 1000 on a gambling game, you know that one possible consequence is to lose that money. It may seem like a lot to lose, but some gamblers are willing to risk it because they know they can handle it. It’s usually easy to determine whether or not a gambling risk is worth it, as there is only one factor involved: money.

But what happens when you start gambling with a hiring decision for your company? Do you really know what you’re betting on? Getting the right person to play your role in the beginning will certainly feel like hitting a jackpot, but I can tell you now that the importance is too high to make any risky decision-making. Or you can go to a free job posting sites Philippines: JobStreet Employer site

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Hiring your first employee requires more consideration than the toughest poker hands. Here are 3 things at stake if you make the wrong choice:


In addition to spending money on employees who may be leaving the company, you also need to spend money to bring in someone new. And if you don’t have a new person ready to leave during your ex-job, you should also consider the benefits you lost when you were looking for a replacement. I don’t need to tell you that your money is tight. What I’m saying is think long and hard before you make the hiring – because you might not be able to.


What happens if your new salesperson goes to the prospect? What happens if your new web developer makes a critical mistake that really disrupts your customer’s business? This is something most people don’t forget quickly. And when someone has a negative experience with your company, they spread it.

That’s not a good situation for you and your company. Your reputation not only affects your ability to acquire new customers, but also your ability to find new employees, your ability to obtain financing, and more. 

A bad experience can have a ripple effect – so it’s important to be careful in your hiring process. Make sure you have time to identify any warning signs that indicate this person may not be suitable for this particular startup role. Your brand can really depend on it.


You are an entrepreneur. You live in a world where everything has to be done yesterda and fast. And with all the chaos, did you ever think how long it took to hire a new one and raise it?

According to the Glassdoor Research Report “The average overall job interview process takes 22.9 days in the U.S.” And that’s just average. According to the same report, the interview process for Software Engineers took 35 days.

Notice how the report says “interview process?” Onboarding will adds more time to delays. With so many things, you really do not want to waste time on someone who will not succeed. Getting the right people into the roles you get can be the difference between spending a month getting a superstar on board – or 6 months trying to get up and running.


Gambling can be fun, but it can also be really dangerous. Gambling during the hiring process can be devastating – and the risk of blindly selecting a candidate will always outweigh the potential benefits. 

Entrepreneurs may be willing to deal with a higher amount of risk than average, but there are some things that cannot be considered – and your employees are one of them.

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